Long-Term Impact of a Speeding Ticket in New York

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New York may well be the busiest place in the world. Everyone has a long list of task that needs to be crossed-off. They have to move fast in order to get everything done. However, sometimes they move too fast and they end up becoming a danger to others.

Exceeding the speed limit on the roads is a reckless behavior that could get people killed. Those who are spotted by authorities will be immediately apprehended and given a ticket. Speeding tickets need to be paid right away and avoided at all costs. Getting too many of them will have adverse long-term impact on you as a motorist.

Higher Fines

The cost of a speeding ticket in New York will vary based on how much you were going over the speed limit. It can be as low as $45 or as high as $600.

Things don’t end there, however. License violations like these will result in the accumulation of points on your record. The more points you collect, the higher the fines you will pay. If you get six points over a certain period, then you will have to pay an additional $70 for the moving violation. You may also be asked to pay a “driver assessment fee” when you reach this milestone.  

Increased Auto Insurance Cost

Another unintended consequence of a speeding ticket is the rise in auto insurance cost. Insurance companies are always on the lookout for behaviors that increase the risk of an accident. Speeding is certainly a big red flag.

If they find multiple violations on your record, they will be wary of the possibility that you will get into a collision in the near future. This means that you are more likely to file a claim than the average motorist and therefore must pay higher premiums than normal. If you wish to lower your insurance cost, then keep a clean record by working with a NY speeding ticket lawyer.

License Suspension

Those who continue driving over the speed limit may eventually reach the point where fines no longer suffice. Their license may be suspended for a period of time as punishment for their irresponsible behavior.

In rare cases, the license may be completely revoked due to multiple violations. The judge may see them as unfit to drive as they pose a danger to the public. Reinstatement may be approved if they show signs of progress. However, they will need to pay a fee to get their license back.

Jail Sentence

In a few cases, a judge may even give a jail sentence to punish an erring motorist. This does not usually happen, but it is possible if the incident was particularly serious and caused a lot of harm to others.

This sentence can be for up to 30 days. This will go on your record and will not be very flattering when you apply for jobs or some vehicle-related matter.

Minimize the long-term impact of a speeding ticket in New York by paying for it right away and preventing a recurrence. Take a defensive driving course to show your sincerity and improve your driving skills. This will also lower your insurance cost.

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