Filing a Car Crash Report in Baton Rouge

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Every year, hundreds of people in Louisiana die in car crashes. Thousands more are injured from these collisions.

It may be tempting to think that these types of things are just cold statistics, but they are all real individuals involved. One of these days, it could be you experiencing these firsthand.

Implementing preventive measures will certainly help you avoid this fate. However, you must prepare yourself mentally in case it does happen. Presence of mind can save your life and those around you. It can also improve your chance of getting your insurance claims or winning a civil personal injury lawsuit.

What the Law Says

According to Louisiana Law, the driver must quickly inform the authorities about the incident. They will come to the site right away to assist anyone who was injured in the crash.

The police will also make an assessment and write a report about it. This will be crucial, as any insurance claim or lawsuit will have to refer to this multiple times in establishing the facts of the case.

Give your full cooperation by answering all of their questions. Tell them your name, address, vehicle registration number, and any other information that they might need. These details should also be provided to the driver of the other vehicle if asked.

If the incident occurs in a crowded area, then it might affect more people and vehicles beyond those that were directly involved in the crash. This can be a nightmare scenario for accidents along main roads during rush hour. Traffic can build up and slow down to a snail’s pace.

As much as possible, the vehicles should be moved to the side to prevent road congestion. A towing service may be called in if the cars are inoperable. It is important for motorists not to leave as this is a sign of guilt and a blatant disregard for the welfare of others. It can lead to jail time.

Driver’s Report

All of the drivers involved in an accident must submit their own reports to the Department of Public Safety and Corrections within 24 hours. This will be unnecessary if there were no deaths and injuries, and if the damage costs less than $100 to repair.

The department will review this report to check if it is sufficient in form and substance. If they feel that there are vital details missing, then they could ask for a supplemental report to get them. They may also ask witnesses to write their own reports while things are fresh in their minds.   

Police Report

Among the things that drivers need to include are the name and address of the vehicle owners and drivers. Others are the vehicle license number, the insurance company that covers the unit, and the contact details of the insurance agent who arranged the policy.

The written report of the police officers must be submitted to the Department within 48 hours of the completion of their investigation. Any interested person can get a copy of this upon request. There may be a nominal fee, but this should not exceed a few dollars per report.

For more information on filing a car crash report in Baton Rouge, refer to Revised Statutes Title 32, Section 398 of Louisiana state law. For help pursuing a car crash claim, contact the best Baton Rouge car accident lawyer.